Thursday, March 8, 2007

...pre-meditated murders, every day.

The insight behind the idea is that each day, selective abortion is kills 7000 female foetus in a single day across India thereby Snatching someone's birth right to live while creating irreversible existential imbalance.

Brand/product advertised: Stop Female Foeticide
Client : "Samarpan Janseva S-NM"
Advert title(s): Thousands get away with pre-meditated murders, every day. "Stop Female Foeticide"
Agency: Mode Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Agency location (City, Country): Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Adam Keshavlal & Sanjay Wadnerkar
Art director: Adam Keshavlal
Copywriter: Sanjay Wadnerkar
Photographer : Shekhawat H. S

india alive

Brand: Visageimages (Gettyimgaes)

Poster Competition 2006

2nd runner up

yeh hai mentos ki zindagi

Dimag ki batti Jala de

State Bank of India

Exhibition Stalls

1st Prize for stalls

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